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20 Crafty Makes

20 Crafty Makes is a brand new project book created by artists and crafters in Nottingham, with contributions from all around the UK. It's a wonderful book brimming with fun, crafty ideas and tutorials and that's not even the best part! The best bit is that it is being sold in aid of The Stroke Association. So not only can you treat yourself, you'll be doing some good too.

You can buy a copy for only £5 from their Folksy shop - and remember, all proceeds go to The Stroke Association, so really, you kind of have to buy one  ;)

I am delighted to say that the team behind 20 Crafty Makes includes one of the artists featured on our site - Katrine Brosnan - and they will be in attendance at the Pretty Dandy Flea this Saturday to run the crafty activity stall. They are going to be helping you to hand print your own wrapping paper for Christmas, and again all proceeds will be going to The Stroke Association.

Here's a bit more information from Katrine: We are really looking forward to Saturday. Made the rubber stamps yesterday, a crafty owl, deer and stag, tree and a star. We will have at least 3 colours to print your own gift wrap so that people can buy their gifts and then print their paper to take home! We will charge £3 a sheet to take part and take it home - it's a metre long. We are planning on having a basin of soapy water with a sponge, lots of kitchen paper so that colours can be swapped if needed. The hand printed wrap project is by Camilla of Butterscotch and Beesting - another stallholder at the Flea!
20 Crafty Makes

I'm proud to support this fantastic project, and super-pleased that they are involved with the Flea. Pretty Dandy is all about craft, art and beautiful things made by hand. But not only is craft a big part of our business, it's also a big part of my life. There's nothing like the satisfaction of making something by hand, watching it slowly take shape and then the moment of "reveal" when it's all finished. It's a wonderful stress-reliever (when it's all going well!) and puts you back in touch with doing something manual if you work in an office job, as many people do. I can't recommend it enough - just go for it and give some craft a go!

Do click through and have a look at the book, it's a great idea and would make a lovely Christmas present too (hint hint, any family/friends reading this!)

Date: 21 Nov 2012 23:46
Author: Becky
Tags: Events gift ideas handmade