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3 Great Colourful Blogs

I love reading blogs in my spare time - the best ones are inspiring, creative, full of beautiful images, good ideas and interesting thinking.

It can take a while to find blogs you really love, so I thought I'd help anyone whose reading list has become a little stale with 3 recommendations for great blogs I regularly visit.

These blogs all have one thing in common - colour. Colour is such an important part of our lives and each of these writers recognises that and shares beautiful, vibrant colourful images and insight on their blog.

First up, a very popular blog which - if you haven't read it yet - I know you are going to love...

Bright.Bazaar by Will - as his tagline says, quintessentially colourful!

Bright Bazaar logo

This blog is always top of my reading list for the fantastic selection of finds Will shares. He updates regularly with gorgeous pictures from his travels, selections of decor to choose your favourite from and fun product round-ups. It's always a visual treat, beautifully designed and full of life - especially on a grey morning when you really need a hit of colour.

Five star recommendation!

Second, a blog where there's always lots to see and read... and she's celebrating her blogging birthday right now with an epic giveaway...

Colour Living by Tina, where she shares "all the things that rock my world: colour, creativity, design, making a home, real food and inspired ideas for living."

Colour Living blog logo

Tina writes on a wide range of interesting topics and subjects, from creative books in her library and her photographs from walks around London to reviews of gallery shows, artists and designers. There are always lots and lots and lots of images - one of the things I really love about Tina's posts - and plenty of writing to get your teeth into too! She has a great eye for detail and colour and shares that generously. This is a blog well worth bookmarking!

Here is one of Tina's lovely images:
Colour Living blog photo

Third choice is a blog written by a woman for whom colour isn't just a passion, it's also her business.

Karen Haller Blog - As a colour & design consultant she specialises in applied colour psychology

Karen Haller logo

Karen shares fascinating insights on colour - how we perceive it, how it influences us, how businesses use it in branding and more. As a colour junkie I am fascinated by the role it plays in my subconscious choices. For example, do you know why red & yellow is the colour combo of choice for fast food companies? Or what impact the duck egg blue box has for Tiffany's? All interesting stuff and definitely worth reading if you're interested in colour theory, marketing and branding... or if you just want to find out how paint companies choose names for their colours!

So there you have my 3 colourful blog choices. Do you have any others you'd add to this list? I'm always interested in finding new writers and bloggers, so drop me a comment below!

Date: 14 Jan 2014 12:42
Author: Becky
Tags: inspiration