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A few fun DIY ideas

There are such wonderful DIY ideas shared on Pinterest every day that we thought we'd gather a few favourites and bring them to your attention.

First up, a handy way to create a little herb garden in your kitchen.
Kitchen herb garden
Simply clean up some tin cans and cut a short vertical slot in one side at the top to hand them on a simple nail. If you cut a slot this will allow you to lift them off and on for watering and replanting if needed.

Stamped hangers
Stamped hangers
Spotted on, this is a fun and quick DIY to pesonalise your wardrobe. A sweet idea would be to print up some to leave in a guest room with friendly welcoming messages.

Sweetcorn printing
Sweetcorn printing
This is a snap from instagram and is such a fun, easy idea I had to share it straight away. This could be used to create texture for a print onto fabric or perhaps in a pale colour to create an interesting background to mount a photograph on before framing. A lovely idea which would be super quick and easy to set up and you could also do it with kids.

Washi-tape bulldog clips
Washi tape bulldog clips
Found on, this is a cute DIY that would take mere moments to complete. Then you have a cute way to hang pictures or notes with real personality.

Belted magazines
Belted magazines
A super idea found on This is a great way to store old magazines and to help create a little height in your home. If you secure them tightly with a stylish belt they will be sturdy enough to act as a low side table, or even a little footstool!

Hope you've found some inspiration for fun DIY activites this weekend. Have you done any of these before? Would you give them a go now?

Thanks for reading!


Date: 22 May 2014 08:57
Author: Becky
Tags: handmade inspiration