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A global home - bring the world to you

There's something magical about travelling. It lifts your spirits, clears your mind and opens you up to new experiences.

There are new colours, patterns, textures, sounds and smells to explore.

Perhaps by incorporating some of these elements into your home you can re-energise yourself every day.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to bring the world to you, when you can't get out to see the world:

1 - Incorporate pattern into your interior design scheme
Moroccan shadows

Our Petal Moroccan tea light holders use some of the same detailing, but in a minimalist way which can be easily incorporated into your home:
Tea Light Holders - Moroccan inspired

Or Cargo Home Shop stock this lovely Moroccan lantern:
Moroccan lantern

2 - Add a rustic element - letting things weather (like this beautiful door), speaks of a relaxed European lifestyle, enjoying cold wine and hot sun.
Weathered door

Our rustic wire hooks would bring a note of earthy charm to many homes - particularly effective teamed with whitewashed walls and well-used wood
Rustic Wire Hooks

Or put your DIY skills to use creating some rough-hewn shelving for pretty books using something as simple as a wooden pallet
wooden pallet shelves from DesignLocker tumblr

3 - Spend time selecting your colours - the tones of different countries vary enormously - from the warm terracottas of the Mediterranean to the bold yellows and reds of Mexico, to the subdued blues of Nordic countries and the candy pastels of Cuba. Spend time absorbing the colours of your chosen country, create a moodboard, a pinterest board or a set of photographs you like and use that as a starting point for your interior design scheme.

Here are a few palettes I'm particularly fond of to get you started:
Ecuadorean house
An old house in Ecuador - wonderful dusty pink and tin roof

A little Mexican-inspired scene

White Nordic home
A white & wood nordic home

Cuban colours
An elegantly-decayed Cuban green

What trinkets have you collected from your travels? Are they displayed in your home?

I have a framed Czech film poster, a small carved wooden frame from Peru, a toy tin camera from Cuba and more besides. These little things add layers of interest to our home design and remind me of happy times exploring, searching, laughing, dancing and living.

Please do share your tips for bringing the world home in the comments section below.


Date: 11 May 2012 18:52
Author: Becky
Tags: inspiration interior design Travel