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A Pretty Dandy Interview

Recently I was asked to provide some "Designer Insights" for an interview on the Terry's Blinds blog. It was fun thinking about how I approach interiors, my take on design and the 'rules' I do or don't follow. For example, I had to describe my own unique style and creative aesthetic. How would you describe yours? Do you know straight away or do you have to think about it?

For me, I know that I like to be open to ideas, to give things a go and to try things out to see what works. I enjoy adding an extra element into the mix and seeing how it works with everything else - a clashing pattern, an unexected colour, a beautiful print and so on. So, how can/should I sum that up to create a description of my style? Click through to read the full Designer Insights article and find out!

Oh, and there's a little extra info for those who are interested after the picture below...

Interiors interview with Pretty Dandy

For those who would like a little more info on my Top Picks... keep reading!

1 - Our Origami Hunter designer lights - These are a bold contemporary take on the idea of a hunter displaying animal heads as trophies. I love how the designer, Veronica Posada, has taken this very traditional, somewhat stuffy (pun intended) item and has completed turned it on its head to create a playful, elegant and - most importantly - animal friendly home accessory.

2 - Tiles from Fired Earth - beautiful colours, love the pattern. Anyone who follows me on instagram or pinterest will be well aware that I love a good tile. And these are very good tiles.

3 - African print fabric - I love traditional African wax prints. The colour choices are bold and alive and the handmade nature of the prints gives them a unique charm. This one from Vlisco is a fantastic, graphic design which I could totally imagine seeing covering a whole sofa. Love it!

4 - One of the inspiring people I mention is the Sheffield designer who works under the moniker Butterscotch and Beesting. She makes fabulous work inspired by the circus and I love pretty much everything she turns her hand to.

5 - Daydream wallpaper by Julia Rothman - This is turning into one of our top sellers thanks to the range of colours, hand-drawn design and charming pattern.

So there you have it! An interview with me and a little extra bonus material too. Thanks to Terry's Blinds for including us in their series - there's lots of great inspiration to be found on there so I'd recommend treating yourself to a browse through!

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Date: 12 Sep 2014 13:10
Author: Becky
Tags: inspiration interior design