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Creative gifts handmade in the UK

One of the reasons I started Pretty Dandy was a real love of handmade work from new designer-makers. I wanted to give some of the incredible craft and art in the UK a new platform and another way to reach people and find new fans.

I have always loved handmade items and have been attending craft and design shows for years. It's lovely to now see the growing appreciation for the individuality, talent and creativity of designer-makers across a wider range of people.

With that in mind I thought I would pick out a selection of our beautiful hand crafted interiors gifts which are made right here in the UK. Every item is unique, lovingly made by a talented artist and full to the brim with creativity.

#1 - First up, not a gift but a decoration. Featured in Style At Home, Period Homes & Interiors and more, these stylish Dala Horses are based on the traditional Scandinavian design but are laser cut and hand finished right here in the UK by designer J Skapar.
Dala Horse

#2 - A beautiful screen print, pulled by hand by artist Kay Vincent. Featuring her wonderful retro animal designs this is one of a set based around the alphabet and is a limited edition piece - a truly unique item.
Rabbit screen print

#3 - A rather lovely Dandy Deer tea towel. This item is created by the talented ladies behind Orwell and Goode, who also make some of our beautiful linen lampshades. Designed and printed in Scotland and available in two lovely colours.
Deer Tea Towel

#4 - The Allotment Fancier's Stationery Set is one for the gardening gang. This re-usable box is all hand-printed, as are the envelopes, note cards, letter paper and notebooks inside. Made by London designers SORT this wonderful set uses vintage printing blocks to create the unique designs.
Stationery Set

#5 - Cork coasters with a fab, fun woodgrain print by design studio Finest Imaginary. These quirky items are a great gift for a design-loving friend. They are printed by hand here in the UK and look rather good on the coffee table!
Cork coasters

#6 - A recent addition to the site, this beautiful clock is hand cast in turquoise resin in a faceted mould. When cooling the clock is then manipulated by hand to create a unique shape - each one different. The addition of gold hands makes this a really stand-out item.
Turquoise clock

#7 - Cushions hand-knitted by crafter Roz in Manchester in rich ruby red and warm cream wool. They are designed to include a wonderful heart shape in the knit and come with luxurious feather inners.

I could carry on with the list for hours, but 7 is a nice number, so I will finish there. If you want to see more then head to the homepage by clicking the logo in the top left hand corner and browse around from there.

If you want to give a unique, stylish and personal gift this Christmas then handmade is the way to go, whether online or from a local craft fair. Each handmade item is full of warmth and love, from the person who made it and the gift giver. What's better than that at Christmas?

Date: 12 Dec 2013 22:57
Author: Becky
Tags: home accessories