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Fiera Magazine - back it now!

Fiera Magazine – on Kickstarter now!
For those of you who haven’t used it yet, Kickstarter is a brilliant way of giving some power back to creative people. It lets them talk directly to their audience/customers and find support (and funding) for a project, in order to make it happen.
Recently I backed a project called Fiera Magazine. Now this isn’t a title you will have heard of, you won’t have seen it on the newsstands, because it doesn’t exist yet. It’s a dream project from Katie Treggiden (of the fantastic Confessions of a Design Geek blog) all about discovering new design talent and sharing it in magazine format. And here’s the most exciting bit, you can be a part of making it a reality.

Fiera Magazine
(Image Credit: Yeshen Venema - dummy edition of the first copy of Fiera Magazine)
Pledge to the magazine in order to pre-order your copy, give a little extra and you’ll even get credited inside.
Don’t miss out on your chance to hear from an experienced writer about the best new design and designers at interiors shows around the world. In a beautiful package put together by talented magazine-ist (is that a word?) Jeremy Leslie.
If you love great design, are involved in interiors, or just want to support a new magazine then don’t miss your chance - head over to kickstarter now, make your pledge and get your copy of Fiera Magazine.

Date: 03 Jul 2014 10:34
Author: Becky
Tags: inspiration