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Fiera Magazine - Issue 2

Here at Pretty Dandy one of the things we love is new design. When the opportunity came up to support the launch of a magazine championing new design by covering design fairs around the world we were delighted to play a (small) part in helping it get made. That magazine was Fiera. It is edited by the very talented writer, blogger, editor and lovely person, Kate Tregidden.
Fiera magazine issue 2 design fairs

I'm even more delighted to let you know that issue 2 dropped through my mailbox a couple of days ago and it is every bit as good (maybe even better!) than Issue 1. It covers design fairs in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Milan with beautiful images carefully collated by colour to give a whirlwind tour through the four shows.

This is then followed with more detail about some of the designs & designers, with interviews, features which get 'behind the scenes' with the makers and more. Then at the back of the mag is my favourite bit (I always start at the back of magazines for some reason - anyone else?) - The Opinion section. This has some really interesting essays and longreads about design, with topics as varied as "Do we need another chair?", "In defence of the design fair" and "Mass-producing craft", a thoughtful trend-piece.
Fiera Magazine championing new design

“Design has a tremendous power to make people’s lives better,” says editor Katie Treggiden. “New designers still believe in the impossible – a crucial trait if design is going to help solve the problems, large and small, that we face today. Fiera Magazine exists to make sure their ideas reach a wider audience.”

I agree with Katie that design has an interesting and important role to play in our modern lives. As life and society gets more complex design becomes more valuable, both the broad idea of design as a way of thinking about how we live in the world and problem-solving, or a more traditional view of design as an artform. I like to think that 'design' isn't about just making something new, or a fancy label, it's about making something better, perhaps easier to use, more comfortable, more attractive, simpler, made using fewer resources or any other form of improvement.

With that in mind I think it's great to look ahead to the future of design, to know about the people who are solving problems, innovating and making the products and ideas we will live with in the future. And Fiera does a great job of opening that world up to us.

If you'd like to get a copy you can buy Fiera online, but be quick - the first issue sold out and I'm sure the second will do the same! All images in this post are by
Fiera Magazine about new design and craft

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Date: 11 Jul 2015 19:37
Author: Becky