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Gorgeous Christmas Decorations

I love getting that festive feeling - hearing the first carol of the year, opening door number 1 on my (chocolate) advent calendar and baking mince pies. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

However, all these things play second fiddle to my first love... decorating the Christmas tree. Ever since I was a little girl going crazy with tinsel and bits of silver string, I have loved decorating the tree. When I was a kid we had multicoloured lights and baubles made at school from cardboard tubes and crepe paper. In fact, I think my Mum still has my squashed Santa at the bottom of her decorations box, although his cotton wool beard is mostly gone!

Now that I have my own home and my own tree I'm enjoying building up a collection of lovely baubles, trinkets and traditions around it. In our house the tree goes up fairly early, as we visit family for Christmas and don't get to see it on the big day. We buy a real tree which is always a bit too big for the room, but fills it with that wonderful pine scent. Then we set up the lights, put carols and Christmas songs on, open a bottle of wine and start getting creative!

We have glass baubles, wooden baubles, fuzzy baubles, silver baubles and gold. Baubles we made on a day out with our nephews. Baubles from trips and travels. And a fair few Pretty Dandy baubles have made their way into the box too! There's nothing quite like that feeling of opening up a box of memories and hanging them out on display. It's wonderful.

What are your Christmas traditions around decorating your home? Do you have a tree? Is it a real one or artificial? And what about tinsel?

I love hearing about people's Christmas trees and traditions so do share your comments below!

And in the meantime, here are some lovely images of our bauble range to get you in the mood:

Glass Stars

Tiny Frame

Silver baubles

red dala horse

Silver heart cluster

Blue bauble

Snowflake decoration

glass baubles


Date: 05 Dec 2013 23:55
Author: Becky
Tags: home accessories