Pretty Dandy

Gorgeous new homeware finds

We love finding those special items that our customers love. Homewares handmade by artists and artisans which give your home that unique flavour and character.

With that in mind we are delighted to share our latest finds with you!

First up, beautiful lamp shades handmade right here in the UK. We are extending our range of Orwell and Goode lighting as these lampshades are wonderful quality and very popular with our customers. These lamp shades are made from top quality linen by this talented Scottish design duo. The fabric is designed by Mrs O in her studio in the far north of Scotland and is then sent off to be printed by Mrs G who works in the highlands. A very modern rural business!

Lamp shadeslamp shade

We are also delighted to welcome some brand new light shades from Hummingbird Home - these rather fabulous chevron pattern shades:
Chevron lamp shadesAqua blue lamp shade

Alongside these new lighting ranges we have extended our selection of artists prints, vintage homwares and candleholders too!
Here's a quick picture round up of some of the new products - do have a browse through the site and enjoy all the beautiful finds. And keep your eyes peeled because we've got more to come!
Vintage tea towelDandy Deer tea towelPuffin screen printCrane screen printCandle holderLetter tray

Happy browsing!


Date: 03 Jun 2013 16:19
Author: Becky
Tags: gift ideas handmade home accessories