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Interview with... Igor Josif

Today is the third day in a row of rain, rain and more rain here in Barcelona.

I can't think of a better time to bring a splash of sunshine to the blog, and I know just the person to do that.

So, welcome to the latest in our series of Interviews with the Interiorati! We are chatting to the folks behind the scenes - the people who style shoots, take photos, write, blog, share trends and generally get the word out about the wonderful things happening in design and interiors.

Today I am very pleased to bring you an interview with Igor Josif, the smiley man behind the bright and breezy Happy Interiors Blog. I have been reading his blog for a few years now, and even had the pleasure of meeting Igor at LDF a couple of years ago. I can report that he's even MORE smiley in person than on his blog, and I didn't think that was possible!

Igor's thinking is that the best thing your home can be is happy... hard to argue with him there! He shares lots of lovely pictures, new products, fab rooms and has a wonderful regular feature called "From Space To Place", which lets you travel from your desk or armchair!

Without further ado, here is the lovely Igor to brighten up this gloomy November day:

First up, can you introduce yourself and you work for anyone who isn’t aware of you/ it?
My name is Igor and I am blogging at Happy Interior Blog about everything that inspires me for a happy home. Basically, I want to elevate the idea that our home is not only a safe haven but should also be our very happy personal space - created by our personality.
Igor Josif - Happy Interiors Blog
Who are your design heroes & why?
I have not a particular designer as a hero in mind. I admire the work of a wide range of designers - from past eras to nowadays. But if I had to pick one right now, I would say Ana Kras. I love her quirky lamps created by hand. I love her devotion to design and work. And we both have Serbian roots. That sort of helps, too.
Ana Kras (image by Curio Magazine)
Source: Ana Kras - Image by Curio Magazine
Tell us one of your earliest design memories.
My earliest design memories go back to my early childhood. My favorite toys  were toy blocks. I loved to build houses, entire villages, imagine how people live in those spaces. The concept of living spaces bedazzled me from an early age in fact.
Happy Interior Blog vignette
If you could have one item delivered to your home tomorrow, what would you choose?
Currently I have a very basic wish:  a big comfy box spring bed. I tested them during a blogger event and oh my, they are so so comfortable and way better than my normal Ikea bed. Yet, they are a tad pricey, too.  
Cool white interiors
Where have you visited that has most inspired you?
Unfortunately, I haven't traveled to exotic places yet so my pool of visited places is limited. But I would pick Greece. I had lived in Greece for a while during my study time and traveled the Greek islands notoriously. I love the clear, bright light, the stark blue of the Aegean, the salty air, the incessant breeze, the architecture, the nature, the people. 
Happy Interior blog - Igor
And finally… please share a design secret with us…
My design secret lies within - in YOUR interior if you want so. Listen to your guts when you design your space. Listen to your heart, behold the moment when your styling makes you smile. Then you are content. Then your home will make you happy.
Contemporary living room
I am very jealous of that rug!

All the pictures above (aside from Ana Kras) are taken by Igor and show the kind of stylish, light, contemporary pieces he shares on his blog.
Why not pop over for a read now?
Happy Interior Blog logo

I hope you've enjoyed this interview, it's definitely cheered me up and given me a little ray of sunhine. Thanks Igor!

Date: 18 Nov 2013 15:08
Author: Becky
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