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New lamp in stock!

We are delighted to share a brand new product with you - this super stylish industrial style lamp.

Tripod Lamp

This fantastic tripod lamp is a great way to introduce a bit of the industrial look to your home, without compromising on style. It would fit well into a range of interior styles and also into homes with limited space thanks to the slimline design. I'm a big fan of the industrial style, but couldn't go for the full look in my Edwardian home, so this is a nice way to give a nod to it, without it feeling out of place in a property from a different period.

Lighting is a really important part of the interior design of your home. This is something the professionals know well and will plan out carefully when designing a space. I'm sure for many of us in our homes it's not usually as well-thought-out, and we just throw in a couple of lamps as an after-thought. One of the secrets to good lighting design is to introduce a range of lighting for different uses. This lamp would be useful as a way of illuminating a dark corner, or perhaps as a task lamp near a sofa to help with reading. If you want to improve the decor of a room without spending a lot of time and money on redecorating, then why not look at your lighting? Do you rely a lot on one overhead light? Do you have table lamps but no task lighting? Do you have wall lamps, but no light lower down? Thinking about how you use a room and redesigning the lighting to suit can really change the feel of the whole space, without having to move around your furniture or repaint the walls.

Floor lamp tripod

Read more about our new Tripod Floor Lamp, or read more about lighting design on the Better Homes & Gardens site.

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Date: 21 Nov 2014 12:25
Author: Becky
Tags: home accessories