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Valentine's Day 2013

I think it can be really difficult to strike the right balance on Valentine's Day. It's tricky if you are in a brand new relationship and aren't sure whether you're "doing" Valentine's, how much you should spend, or what their taste is. But don't think you get off lightly if you've been together for ages either! Then you have to avoid the pitfalls of being too predictable or too mushy, too silly or too grown-up. You've got to try and sum up your relationship and the history of you two in one card and gift!

With that in mind, we've stocked up a small - but perfectly formed - range of Valentine/ Love You cards for people who have an eye for design and discerning taste. If a 'Forever Friends' card would make you run for the hills, then do check out our selection.
Mr ValentineNumero UnoStill Cuckoo

Another nice way to celebrate Valentine's is with something homemade. You could make a card with your other half's favourite lyric on it. Or unearth an old picture of the two of you and pair it with a goofy in-joke you share. You could bake something, cook a special meal or do a special treasure hunt to end up at your favourite cafe. Valentine's doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be tacky, or even too tasteful. It just has to be thoughtful.

To everyone who celebrates it, hope you have a lovely day.

Date: 03 Feb 2013 23:05
Author: Becky
Tags: gift ideas handmade