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Watercolour walls

I use Pinterest as a way to keep up to date with trends, so bookmark interesting sites and resources and to while away 10 minutes looking at kittens while I have a cup of tea.... oops, I mean, to research design and important things like that ;)

So, while on a recent foray into that world of beautiful images I discovered a mini-trend for watercolour walls.These are beautiful, delicate, dreamlike colour palettes washed across an entire wall. They are complete with imperfections, colour bleeds and tonal variations. They are interesting ad stimulating to the eye, while still feeling elegant and not too 'in your face'. They don't make the demands on the eye that a punchy pattern does, but offer more interest than a simple plain wall.

Oh and the colours are often stunning.

So here is a quick round-up of some beautiful watercolour walls for you to enjoy:

Watercolour walls
Soft purple tones with great tonal variation [Image: EKB Interiors]

Watercolour walls
A mix of colours giving the effect of a giant canvas [Image: Pixers]

Watercolour walls
Fabulous teal with great depth and a beautiful faded edge [Image: Etsy - anewalldecor]

Watercolour walls
Beautiful soft colour palette and simple repeating design [Image: Trendenser]

Watercolour walls
A stronger monochrome tone, but still with that great colour graduation [Image: Emma Hayes]

So there you have my mini round up of watercolour walls - soft billowy colours in gorgeous hues. Which is your favourite?

Date: 25 Apr 2015 11:21
Author: Becky
Tags: interior design