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We're taking over @Bristol52!

Nottingham to Barcelona to Bristol

As our followers on twitter may have noticed we have very recently relocated to Bristol. We originally began Pretty Dandy in Nottingham, inspired by the creativity of the huge numbers of artists in the city and our friends around us. It is a very welcoming city, which we loved being a part of, and we got great support for our Pretty Dandy Flea events there.

After that we moved to another wonderfully creative city - Barcelona. This was a dream-come-true moment and we relished every moment of living in the sun, enjoying a different way of life and being creatively nourished by the architecture and spirit of that wonderful place.

A couple of years on and it was time to come back to our British roots and this time we chose Bristol for its reputation as a creative city, a friendly city and a city where people like to make things happen. We love that spirit and can't wait to get involved in our new home town.


So, with that in mind we are delighted to announce that Pretty Dandy will be the voice of Bristol on @bristol52 on twitter for the whole of next week!

It's always strange moving to a new city and realising you have to start all over again. It takes time to get to know the fabric and soul of a city, and that's part of the fun and challenge of moving to a new place. It also takes time to find the best brunch, the prettiest view, the most fun pub quiz, the quirkiest statue, the most impressive buildings, the best place to have an urban picnic, the coolest place for finding new artists, the best vintage markets... and everything else that makes living somewhere fun.

I'm hoping that in my week as the Voice Of Bristol (I'm imagining the announcer-guy from X-Factor as I type that) I can take a few shortcuts and can call on the good people of this pretty city to share their favourite haunts and hideouts, secret and not-so-secret hotspots and the things that give the city its colour.

In return, here is my pledge...

I pledge:
- to take up at least one of your recommendations every single day for the whole week
- to share pictures and say thank you
- to spread the word as far and wide as I can about all the great things you recommend.

I'm interested in hearing about a wide range of things, from the best spot for wild swimming to a cute place to eat cake to a great venue for live music or a quiet spot to take a break. Join in on twitter from tomorrow morning to tell me where to go!

Follow @bristol52 on twitter (read more about the project here) to see how I get on... if it all goes well maybe, just maybe, we could even organise a meet-up in real life to celebrate?

See you on twitter / around Bristol...


Image via pearsonblog
Image via pearsonblog
Date: 08 Mar 2015 20:33
Author: Becky
Tags: Events