Magazine Rack - Chrome - Wirehouse

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Product Description

Magazine rack produced in chrome wire with unique house shape.

A magazine rack is a useful accessory for keeping your home neat and tidy. It can be difficult to find a nice one, so we've searched out this witty chrome house to store your favourite titles. If you're as addicted to interiors magazines as we are then this will come in very handy!

Give your latest fashion and life-style magazines a fitting home, with the beautiful Wirehouse chrome magazine rack. It has a cool contemporary shape and is made of sturdy chrome to create a quality product. The rack is house-shaped, with a chimney detail picked out in the chrome wire frame and a small man shape inside reading.

It has a quirky fun appeal in a modern style.

Designed by Chris Koens and Ramon Middelkoop.

Height: 28.5cm Width: 23cm