Designer side table with Hairpin Leg - Small

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Product Description

Cool small table, designed and made in the UK with 3 leg lengths and colours to choose from. This stylish piece of furniture is ideal as a side table, lamp table or a small coffee table. Handmade in the UK by designers Baines & Fricker, using a beautiful Sweet Chestnut wood with a gorgeous grain and colour tone.

The table top has a tactile rounded shape, and the slender steel hairpin legs providing an element of industrial cool. Plus, there is a quirky detail to catch your eye - it doesn't matter where you put your cup of tea as each table comes with a 'coffee ring' inlay. This is created by turning the wood grain in the opposite direction to create a subtle difference in the pattern.

Product Info:
Dimensions (table top): 50cm x 40xm
Colours (hairpin legs): Green, Blue, Yellow
Dimensions (hairpin legs): Tall - 60xc / Mid - 32cm / Low - 20cm