Vintage Denby Chevron Saucepan

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Product Description

Vintage Denby 'Chevron' pattern pottery is stylish, classic and rather desireable - I think it's a mid-century design classic, with its bold shapes and geometric pattern.

It was designed by Gill Pemberton in the 1960s and was largely hand-thrown, with the distinctive pattern being marked by hand with a roller. it is ergonomically designed and balanced for use.

Produced in clean, minimalist shapes in a modern olive green, this was revolutionary at the time and still looks fabulous today. In fact, it's even said that the uber-stylish Jackie Kennedy had this on her wishlist for the White House!

This practical sauce pan, complete with lid, is ideal for use in a modern home, adding a touch of vintage style. It is finished in a matt olive green, which contrasts beautifully with the shiny interior glaze.

In mint condition.